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World call me MBS, stands for Mahesh bathina’s. I am a business mentor, consultant and digital marketer. I left my studies after completion of my diploma, after which I have to go with engineering. I know what people doing holding their college degree in their hands. so then I stopped my studies but started learning about business and strategies as I was always interested in it. First, I’ve started with learning the stock market along with business management and digital marketing. But soon I realized that the stock market is best for the one holding high capital so I left that too and continued with digital marketing and business management. I started this in 2018 and have put my complete focus on understanding the market. I met many business tycoons, understood their strategies, and started teaching them to startup beginners. I started consulting, suggesting the best strategies for their businesses. I read three to four books a month of which I’ve gained most of my knowledge and implement them in my own business. I almost spend one-third of the year traveling as I love traveling.