How to Create a Free Profitable Landing Page

While running paid ads on social media, the landing page plays a crucial role. To convert the leads into sales, we have to strategically reach the minds of our leads.

The platform for the creation of landing page

As people are more connected with google in their daily life, they easily trust google than any other platform, so we gonna use google sites provided by Google for free for the creation of our landing page.

Go to If you are already logged into your Gmail account, you can see templates given by google with a blank page too. If you want to start your work with a blank page you can click on the plus symbol given there or you can use the templates given.

so, we have our landing page ready for the edit but what is the best structure that actually converts the leads into sales?

The ATP Method

The stands for Attention, trust and provide. As the traffic coming from social media, we have to divert their mind with our strategy which makes them remain of their problems and your solution for them. so, let’s jump on to the method step by step.


The part attention will be applied to the Title of our page. Create a title that attracts people and makes them stick to the article and make it interesting.


To gain trust from people, we have to provide them some quality content or advice or anything that helps them to get better in their life. You can get information from Google itself and copy-paste the useful mater and start modifying it. Add some interesting headlines, make them follow steps, and anything you can do but make sure you are grabbing their attention and trust.


At the last step, you have to provide the product you are offering by which people can take further action. This one should never miss the flow from step 2 but continue along with it. Here is the sample page.


Once, the article writing is completed, you can publish it and copy the link to share on social media. You can run paid ads with a beautiful caption and there we go, our free converting landing page is ready.

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